Trojan Horse Malware

There have been many arguments that Trojan horse malware is a virus detachment and vice versa. The truth is, a Trojan horse is a program in which malicious or harmful code that is contained inside what appears to be harmless programming or data, but in fact it can control and do its chosen form of damage. These could include destroying file allocation table on your hard disk. A Trojan horse is similar to its Greek mythology where it presents itself as one form while it is actually another.

Trojan usually does one of the two things: they either destroy or modify data the moment they are launch. This may include erasing the hard drive, or they will attempt to rummage out and steal passwords, credit card numbers, and other confidential information.

Trojan horse malwares can be a much greater problem than just simple viruses as they are design to be destructive or disruptive, as opposed to viruses and worms where the coder may not intend to be harmful at all. Trojan horse was originally a program that was supposed to find and destroy computer viruses, but now it is widely redistributed as part of a computer virus.

There are many ways that you can prevent your PC from attaching Trojan horse:

  • A anti-Trojan scanner are available as a tool for prevention. You can buy and install these that can screen any email attachments, downloads or files.
  • Definite the origin of each program or file you download onto your PC or when you open from you email program.
  • You may occasionally receive email message warning you of any new Trojan horse malware. Unless you recognize the source of where this email is coming from, there may be good chance that email message is a hoax. Have common sense and be aware and alert!
  • Regularly check all your files and remove any viruses that are found.
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