Detection of Malware

It is often that malware will try to hide itself to prevent detection, but some malware can be detected from an anti-virus scan that you can install on your computer. For a cheap alternative, many websites offers free scan online for Trojans horse, worms and viruses that you can try, but it is still wise to consider purchasing one and installing anti-malware software. The cost involved will not cost you an arm and a leg compared to fixing your PC if you do happen to be infested by malware.

Some malware are very hard to detect and it is recommended that you defense from it in the first place. There are two types of defense that you can use:

  1. Malware defense at the perimeter – this measure is a part of the multi-layer defenses against malware. Whenever you are accessing attachment on email from an unknown source or when you are offered a nifty screen saver, handy software, unique service or an exclusive bargain think twice before you clicking. It is all about common sense. Most malware needs your cooperation to gain entry on you PC to spread. Attachments have been the most common way malware is sent. A good firewall in the right system and browser settings, plus keeping security holes patched will give you and your PC the best peripheral defense against there invasion.
  2. Internal malware defense – if you are that unlucky and that malware had gain entry despite your peripheral defenses you may need to install anti-malware programs. Both free and commercial programs are available and they have proven to work. Some programs can detect and stop malware in its tracks, while others can detect and remove them.

After installing you malware defense system you would have to test it to see how good it is working. There are many sites available that you can use to scan and test your computer online for malware infection. There are also tests available for firewalls and browser security; they usually give you some indication of how good your defense system is. However, bear in mind, there are no safe test to see if you opened a malicious email attachment when you have should not.

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